Junior Team Tennis Format & Rules

Participating Facilities

River Strand, Lakewood National, Bradenton Country Club, Bradenton Christian School, Sarasota Sports Club, The Lake Club, The Oaks Club.

If your facility is not participating in Griffin League Junior Team Tennis at this time, you may be able to join a team at a participating facility. Select ‘looking for participating facility’ when registering.

League Dates & Match Times

Dates for next season: June 19 – August 7

Registration deadline for next season: June 12

Season length: 8 weeks

Flight 1 and 2 matches will be played on Saturdays from 3-5 pm.

Flight 3 matches will be played at Lakewood National from 2:30-4 pm.


Flight 1 (ages 14/15-18, yellow ball, full court)

Flight 2 (ages 10/11-14, yellow ball, full court)

Flight 3 (developmental league hosted at Lakewood National 2:30-4 pm on Saturday’s)

The skill of the players will be considered for playing up or down in different recommended age flights based on the recommendation of the host Professional/Director.

Coaches and court monitors will be used in flights 3 to teach the young players the basics of playing a match


Matches will consist of four singles matches and two doubles matches similar to school tennis.  Matches will be 8 game pro-sets, no-ad scoring.

Team Size

6-8 Players (4 players must be present for a match)

Parent Involvement

All teams must appoint a team parent captain to help organize and report the scores of each match.


$75 per player. Price includes a hat and end-of-year trophies/medals.