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Rules & Frequently Asked Questions (OLD)

What are the league fees?

$30 per season, per event

Where can I play my matches?

When creating your profile, you will enter your home facility and we will place you into the corresponding region. 

Who makes the contact to schedule the match?

The home-court designated player is responsible to contact the opponent no later than 3 days prior to the scheduled week of play.

Who brings the balls?

The home player or team is responsible to bring the balls.  Clay court tennis balls must be used for clay, and hard court tennis balls will be used for hard court matches.  Outdoor pickleball balls need to be used for outdoor play, and indoor balls will be used for indoor play.

What level am I?

Griffin Leagues uses Tencap and Picklecap rating scale, which is the best ranking system in the tennis industry. Click here for the Tencap Rating Scale.

Who reports the score?

The winning player should report the score on the website within 24 hours of the match and the losing player will confirm the results when receiving a match and score verification email notification from Tencap.

How long are the seasons?

Each regular season lasts between 5-7 weeks followed by a 1-week make-up allowance week.

How do I pay?

All payments are handled with credit cards on the secure Tencap/Picklecap Sports league management website.

What is the format for the match?

Tennis – All matches will be best 2 of 3 sets, with a 10 point deciding super tiebreaker to determine the 3rd set (if the match score is tied at 1 set each). Komen tiebreaker system will be used in doubles, and the traditional tiebreaker system (switch sides after 6 points) will be used in singles.

Pickleball – All matches will be best 2 of 3 games, first to 11 points, win by 2 points.

What is the best way to contact each other?

Studies show that texting is the fastest form of communication, but phone calls and emails are also acceptable.  Please do NOT use the Tencap email communication system, but rather your normal email service.

How do players move up or down divisions?

The Tencap and Picklecap Rating wizard will use every match played to re-calculate your level, which will dictate what your rating will be for the next season.

What is considered a cause for default?

The purpose of this league is to get all the matches played, and we encourage both players to work diligently to be professional and courteous during the match arrangement period and showing up on time.  If you are having repeated difficulty with your opponent, please contact the league staff after all other efforts have been made, and a default victory may be awarded if need be (no show, lateness without just reasoning, injury default, etc).