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Rules & Frequently Asked Questions


How to Sign Up

Begin by creating an account on

After creating an account, click Tennis Networks on the top menu bar and search for Griffin Leagues. Select Griffin Leagues.

On the right hand side, click Join Network.

After joining our network, click Tournaments, which is located below the Griffin Leagues banner.

Select the league you wish to join and then hit Sign Up.

Leagues Fees

$20 per player.

All payments are handled via PayPal in Global Tennis Network.

Match Play

All matches will be best 2 of 3 sets, with a 10 point deciding super tiebreaker to determine the 3rd set (if the match score is tied at 1 set each). Komen tiebreaker system will be used in doubles, and the traditional tiebreaker system (switch sides after 6 points) will be used in singles.

Matches can be played at the home facility of either player or team.

When you challenge a player on Global Tennis Network, they will automatically be notified.

All ladder members should maintain current contact information. If you change phone numbers or e-mail addresses, you must update your profile so other member can contact you and you will receive email notifications.

The challenging player or team is responsible to bring the balls.  Clay court tennis balls must be used for clay, and hard court tennis balls will be used for hard court matches.

The winning player or team should report the score on Global Tennis Network within 24 hours. We use an honor code system, so the score that is submitted by the winner will not require validation before being entered into the system.

Each season will last eight weeks.