Lakewood National 1/2 Day Mixed Doubles Tournament - Saturday, June 22nd

Who has time for 2 or 3 day weekend tournaments?  Nobody!  We offer 1 day  tournaments.  We offer fast 4 format tournaments that allow multiple matches in a fast and fun environment at the Lakewood National Tennis Center.

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Battle of the Sexes

Our singles flex league is for both genders, and we simply use the .5 division separation of USTA levels to even the playing field.  So if you are a 3.5 USTA female, you will be taking on the 3.0 males!  Game on!

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Accurate rating systems

Griffin Tennis uses the most accurate tennis rating system in the industry, Tencap Rating Scale.  This system analyzes every match you play and the ratings system are based on an advanced algorithm that takes into consideration the confidence level of your opponents rankings as well as your own's.  Basically, the more matches a competitor plays, the more confident the system is of that ranking.

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Sportsmanship is #1 in this league..

It's not all about the $$, or even the great tennis skills that we are showing off, or the wins or the losses......this league is about sportsmanship...its about how we treat our opponents, and how we handle ourselves with class.  This is a no-nonsense league, and if the organizers feel that a player is ruining the fun for the rest of the players with their poor behavior, they will be removed.

The players of this league and their behavior and attitude will be the catalyst to grow this league, and the fun and friendly atmosphere will attract more players to the league, and help us grow our numbers and divisions.


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Registration is simple....we use as our league software management system, and you can pay securely on the tencap website by clicking the green link to the right!